About Disco Compacto

Disco Compacto is a modular furniture project based in Montreal Canada. Currently in an early fundraising/prototyping stage, Disco Compacto hopes to address the problems of assembly, delivery, and waste when it comes to home furniture.

Although there are many projects on the horizon, the Disco Compacto Chair is the first to go into a small 3D printed production. The Chair utilizes 3D printed joints and solid wood components to create  a lightweight, modular, shippable furniture product with a low carbon footprint. 

The goal of the kickstarter campaign is to push this project from the 3D printed proof of concept phase to the production phase of the components and the first products. For more information concerning this first round of funding, visit the Kickstarter Campaign here.

Another future design is the Disco Compacto Sofa. Although the sofa was the first project to be created, the Disco Compacto Sofa is not currently available as final design considerations still need to be addressed.

Contact Disco Compacto : discocompacto@gmail.com